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A Journey to the Tip of Borneo

Hello and hi again! How’s home bound life so far for you? We actually find it a bliss. Hahaha.. Just thinking about the kids now, since we’re still unsure when the school will start again. But technology did make life more fun. They can meet their teachers and friends through video calls (and so did their daily task). 😝

Now, picking up from where we left off before, this time we will tell you about our interesting journey to the tip of Borneo.

After we decided to skip the visit to Brunei, we need to find another place to spend the few free days. At the time of planning, we were thinking about visiting either Tenom, which is famous for their coffee, or Kudat, where the tip of Borneo is.

While we can’t seem to find anything interesting in Tenom aside from their coffee, we thought that a trip to the landmark in Kudat might worth a kick. So we picked it.

Accommodation wise, Kudat might be a good place to spend the night if you want to spend a day or two playing at their beautiful beaches. But after seeing the available accommodation list, most of them are above our budget, honestly. Rooms also looked a bit on the older side than what we preferred. So we decided that it would be best to make a day trip from Kota Belud instead.

From Kota Kinabalu, we ride to Kota Belud which is only less than 70km. Midway, we make a stop for brunch at the famous Tuaran Noodle. It was a good springy fried egg noodle, topped with assorted pork meats. It was good for me, but Alvin said it was on the bland side and could use more kick with a bit of MSG. Hahaha..

Tuaran noodle topped with assorted pork. Yummm..

Arrived in Kota Belud at 11AM, we went directly to Mountain View Guesthouse, where we booked a room for the night, to drop our luggage before leaving for Kudat area.

Before deciding to visit the place, i already note that it would be a long ride passing mostly jungle and rural area, and there will be limited gas stations available on this stretch. But i didn’t know that it was going to be THAT rare.

We fully filled the tank before leaving Kota Belud. Our tank capacity is somewhere around 3 liters, supposedly will be enough at least until we reach the destination. And if it don’t maybe we can find a station somewhere along the way to refill.

I’ve never been more wrong.

There were literally no gas station along the 120km stretch. NONE. And without knowing this fact beforehand, a happy-go-lucky spirited Alvin rolled the accelerator to the max most of the way, and the tank was almost empty halfway to Kudat.

With patchy connection, we tried to find something on Google. We found that the nearest gas station was in Kota Marudu, a total of 20km off from the Kota Marudu – Kudat junction. Like it or not, we had to make that trip if we still want to sleep in a bed that night.

Before leaving Kota Belud, i already told Alvin to make a stop if he sees any roadside stall selling grilled corn in a husk, which might make good snack. We found the stall a couple kilometers just before the junction, but i was too groggy to stop and told him to just continue and get the gas already. So long, corn! 😥

Fast forward a few hours later, we finally arrived at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, famously dubbed as “the Tip of Borneo” at 2.30PM. This place also marks the meeting point of South China Sea and Sulu Sea.

Finally.. Yayyyy..!!

We only saw another couple when we arrived and not many people after, probably because it was a weekday. We spent some time taking pictures (of course), enjoyed the breeze, and walked down the path to see the sea. The actual tip is actually accessible many years ago, but now it is closed for safety concerns.

We were happy we get to visit this place by ourselves, smacked in the middle of nowhere. There’s always that pride and satisfaction anytime we get to see a new place, especially with motorbike. 😃

Now the second leg of the journey, going back to Kota Belud.

We asked the guard there on where to find the nearest gas station. He said, the closest one will be in downtown Kudat, which is 30km from where we standing, and definitely out of our route. We then make the trip to Kudat and realized that we were hungry. So after our bike is full, we decided to find something to eat at one small restaurant near the esplanade.

Our rule of thumb on getting food : crowed means good food, especially if it’s filled with locals. But unfortunately we were not quite lucky that time. I ordered a Hainan chicken rice and Alvin got himself a plate of crispy pork rice. My chicken looked like that it was only blanched for a couple of minutes, with red blood on meat near the bone. Good thing i didn’t catch them salmonella. Alvin’s food was so-so, with a really small portion of rice. Well, at least we got a bit of food in our tummy for the ride back.

Sunset caught on the road back

Our ride back was more on the slow side and enjoyable. We reached Kota Belud again, just right when it got dark at 7PM. And before heading to our guesthouse, we made a stop at the KFC for a proper dinner.

It was a long and tiring day, but it was definitely worth all the troubles. It’s the journey, especially with your loved one, that we will cherish and remember for a long time.

See you on the next post, which will be all about Sandakan. And remember, for now just STAY HOME!


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