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Don’t Stay Stuck!

I believe that the first thing that you look at this picture are those eyes. Yup, that’s the eyes of the dragon (or so i believe). In some believes, especially in Southeast Asia, they believe that dragons are the guardians of the gates in the universe, especially the sacred one like Heaven’s Gate.
Eyes are windows of the soul, so when you look into their eyes, the dragon will see through your eyes, straight into your soul…”Cannot pass!” Says the dragon…Ughhh, must be suck if you can’t get into heaven, through it’s gate.

Back into this world! I love doing my job as a travel operator, but when the world is starting to close their gates, where nobody can freely travel, and the bussines are down, what can i do? By the time they closed the gate, i know that i cannot stay stuck, but my focus is still on doing what i love. It took some time for me to figure it out.
Now, try to look at my picture one more time, i belive now you can see a window, and please look further…Yes, that’s Paradise! Rather than just staying and begging, or get angry so you can enter heaven through it’s gate, all you need to do is climb, and enter heaven through it’s window! Indeed is smaller compared with the gates, also there’s the need to climb, which will start from the low part, but it’s possible. Plus it’s widely open!

Because of this virus, everything are messed up. People lost their jobs, and some lost their loved one. And for me, luckily i didn’t lose that much. Jobless for sure, but with everyone that i love is around me, i feel like i’m the luckiest person in the world, and that’s what matters to me the most.

I guess starting to climb from the low part is not that bad. Either accommodate people to travel, or post some pictures and stories about traveling, it’s just feels right for me, since traveling is always my job.
And for now, because i can’t walk through the gate, i’ll use this internet window to travel, to reach the world, to share and to tell you…
Don’t stay stuck! Have you tried using “The Window?”.

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