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How Much?

First…Happy Eid Mubarak to all my Moslem friends around the globe!
Now, as i will always have a story to tell in every picture that i took, this one too…
It was a simple meal that i ate for breakfast while traveling in Borneo on a beautiful Sunday, just like today, in Kota Belud, Sabah. Visited the most popular farmers market in town, tried to get something to eat, and buy some souvenirs for my family.
When it comes to Malaysia, the first thing that pops in my mind is Nasi Lemak! The most popular food in Malaysia. A spoonfull of Nasi Lemak will get your greedy mouth screaming for more. Add a little bit of chilli sauce on the top of everything in your spoon, scoop it in, chew it and…boom! All the yummy flavor that you ever taste in this world, will burst in your mouth….Well, that’s a little bit of my explanations about Nasi Lemak.
The picture that i took, is the most basic kind of it. You can have fried chicken added to it, squid, shrimp, or any meat to fulfill your appetite. Fyi, “Nasi” means “Rice”. How much is it valued? Let me tell you something…First, to produce 1kg of rice, 2500 liters of water are needed! That’s the basic, i’m not counting the harvest time, the farmers hardworks, also the efforts to bring it from the fields, to you plate!

How much is the price? For that plate of Nasi Lemak the price is RM 5 or around $1. And yes, that’s the price!

Maybe you’ll understand why i’m not uploading something fancy or expensive food that you normally found on Instagram. I’m not judging here, i’m also food lover who sometimes like to eat some fancy and expensive food, then share the picture of it on istagram too! You can see bunch of it in my previous posts, but that’s another pictures that i had post without story, just title… Because some valuables things are not always “how much?”..

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