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See the windmill over there? That’s not just a windmill, it has a special function, and those thing isn’t always there. People of this mountain tribe built it only when the wind comes strong enough to destroy their land, so you can say that windmill is used to protect their growing crop.

Nonsense! Or so you say..
Have you ever see, people are searching for water using some special wooden stick? Have you ever see people calling for rain using eggs and flowers? The last one i’ve seen it myself, and i’m not kidding! Short story to tell…It was hot sunny day at the course, and the arena is dry as hell. When it comes to motocross, no dirt and muddy track means no adrenaline and it’s boring.

Promoter of the event introduced me to his “Rain Maker”. Just a simple guy, wearing t-shirt and shorts without any strange attributes on his body. The man lit his cigarette, while his friend walking around putting an egg and flowers in every corner of the area. He chanted something like a spell, drank his bottled Sprite, lit another cigarette, and started to talked to me, a normal talk about motocross. His ciggarette was almost finished, and so was mine, when suddenly the wind blows stronger than before. I looked at the sky, found nothing but same bright blue sky. “It took a while for the earth to accept the eggs and flowers as an offerings”, said the rain maker calmly to me. His lips looked dry, i grabbed another bottle of Sprite and gave it to him. He drank it and said to me “Thank you’ll see!”

Stronger wind blows in the middle of the field, some banners and race flags are flying inside the arena. Small twister i say. A moment later it was calm, when suddenly a tremendous amount of grasshoppers were come flying and circling the arena for less than two minutes, before disappeared. Still tried to understand what just happened, i heard the sound of the thunder coming out of nowhere, and just in seconds the sky turned gray, then It’s Raining!!! How ’bout that?! I’m not that detailed, but that’s my real experience, some unforgettable things that i will always remember for the rest of my life.

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