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The Unrealistic

I’m aware that this picture is edited way too much. Not because i want to ruin the original image, it’s meant to be an adjustment, an opening to bring your mind away, flying to the fairy tale land, right from the moment you look into it… Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess named Roro Jonggrang. Her beauty mesmerized a prince named Bandung Bondowoso, a magically powerful prince! He asked her to marry him, but to turn down the proposal without insulting the prince, Roro Jonggrang demanded a thousand temples to be built overnight.┬áBlinded by love, he agreed and immediately began to work.

He summoned a multitude of spirits from the earth, and with their help he managed to built the first 999 temples. The princess had watched them working all the time, and while they started to work on the final one, the princess made a sneaky move to thwart his efforts. Roro Jonggrang and her maids lit fires in the east direction and begin pounding rice grain with big wooden mortar and pestle. A traditional dawn activity, which tricked the roosters to crow. Fooled into thinking the sun was about to rise, the spirits fled back into the darkness, leaving the last temple unfinished. Without help from the supernatural realm, Bandung Bondowoso got frustrated.

Angry and heart broken, when he learned that this deception was created by the one he loved, Bandung Bondowoso approached the princess, and he placed a curse on Roro Jonggrang, turning her into a stone statue. In this way, she became a feature of the final temple, completing its construction and fulfilling the conditions for their marriage.

Many thinks that it’s the princess fault, because she’s cheating. But in my opinion, it’s the prince’s pride that brought the tragedy, once he accepted “The Unrealistic” condition from the princess.
Love and pride cannot be in the same room. He said he loves her, ever since the beginning, while it’s all about pride, not love!
Five minutes left before the park closed, i just stand outside the temple complex. Spent a few moment admiring the sun slowly goes down behind those ancient buildings and took a picture of it. The one that you looked at just now, it’s love!

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